Saturday, March 07, 2009

Mmm, Ranchy.

We love Ranch at our house. Well, Zack loves Ranch at our house. I love Ranch at restaurants. Why is it always soooo much better at restaurants? Maybe this is a little strange, but whenever I bring leftovers home from Chili's, I have them bring me a little to-go cup of Ranch too. Our bottled versions from the fridge just can't compare. I've switched brands but it doesn't help. They aren't as good as the restaurant ones. I've asked at restaurants what they use but even at Chili's, they make it in-house. I had tried making Ranch from a little packet and it was fine, but it wasn't great.

Then Friday, I was at a friend's house flipping through a cookbook at noticed how many dressing recipes were in it. So I decided to try it from scratch. I said it about applesauce and I'll say it again: well, duh. It is not hard at all. I don't know why I thought it would be. There aren't that many ingredients. I used fresh parsley, well, just to use some up. But the recipe called for dried so even if I hadn't had fresh I would have had everything on hand. I thought the recipe was a little heavy on mayo taste (I love mayo, but Ranch shouldn't taste quite that much like mayo). If I fine-tune it, I'll post the recipe.

Even so, there isn't much of this batch left! Mmmmm....

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