Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Few Things

It's fascinating to me watching what Sammy understands. He was enthralled with Zack's train setup. Before the track was assembled, he kept crawling all over it, breaking apart the sections and trying to eat the pieces. There was no evidence that he noticed the toy itself other than separate objects to chew on.

But once the trains were running, he sat still on my lap, eyes wide, head following the path of the train. His hand, resting on my leg, trembled discernibly each time he waited for a train to emerge from a hidden section. I think he could have done that for hours.

OH, and an update on the Spring Craft. No luck. But, hey, there was "spring cleaning" instead:
Just call him Cinderella.

AND, speaking of the first day of spring, did you hear that the White House has started a Kitchen Garden? I am beyond excited at this example being set and its political implications. Now there's some politics I can believe in!

Finally, get ready for a giveaway on Monday. I'm so excited!

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