Thursday, March 05, 2009


I'm nothing less than thrilled to report that Zack has a preschool for next year! This has caused me a bit of angst the past week or so. I had thought I would keep him at his current school. We're happy with the program and while it's a bit far from our house, it's on our way at least half the time. But, when I mentioned it, James reminded me that we had thought that we would increase the number of days he goes to school this last year before kindergarten. It had sounded like a fine idea when he was two and I needed a break. But now that he's four and on the verge of school... But James wanted me to at least look into it, so I said ok. After all, Zack has been stalking around at home, wanting more kids to play with.

I had a day chosen to look into it, but I ended up doing some research into some other stuff (which we haven't followed up on, *sigh*), then I got busy with Sammy's party and didn't work on it again. Finally, I got back on task with the preschool thing. I found several programs and sent a lot of emails, but I discovered that most three-day programs are (well, duh!) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I have a Bible study on Tuesdays so if I continued that he would be down to only ONE weekday at home.

I woke up in the middle of the night upset about the idea of him being gone so much when he's already going to be in school next year. I couldn't sleep thinking about it. I tossed and turned and prayed and woke up James. By morning I was convinced I want him to stay in two-day preschool. I could provide more learning opportunities at home than I have been.

I went in to register him but they were full. Not just full but already had a waiting list. NOW I was upset in the other direction, thinking about him not getting into any program! He loves school. He's a social kid, always wanting to go go go and to learn. I hated the thought of screwing up and not having him a spot.

I finally heard back from a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday program at another school that had been my first choice when I started him at his current school (he hadn't gotten past the waiting list there at the time). They end an hour earlier, which is not great for Sammy's nap schedule, but I think it will be really good for Zack. More days but not many more hours. He's excited; I'm relieved.

Meanwhile, this has gotten me thinking that I can really be doing more projects with him. He's old enough to be able to do a bunch of the stuff that was just too frustrating when he didn't have the dexterity or the concentration to try it. So, I've been trying to pull a few projects out, particularly during Sammy's nap.

Yesterday, it was playdough. I wrote the recipe very simply so that with a little help Zack could read it and tell me what he needed. I helped him measure but he got to do a lot of it.

Need the recipe? Here is our easy-read version!
Mix in a pan:
1 c flour
1 c water
1 t cream of tartar
1/2 c salt
1 T oil

Cook and stir 3 minutes until it gums up.

Knead in food coloring.

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