Thursday, March 26, 2009

Roller Coaster

Is four and a half the start of an emotional age? Or is this just the up and down swing of things? Or maybe this is rubbing off from Mommy.

Because check out what I found on the Magnadoodle today. It says: "I FEL GrAtE I AM TOO HAPPY EVUN ZACK". Yesterday it said " I AM ZACK I AM SaD EVUN SaDR". Apparently he was even sadder than his originally declared sad. A few days ago we heard a lot about how he was "angry and even too angry for myself".

Most recently of all, it was, "Mom, I am stressed." I asked him if he knew what stressed meant and he said, "Yes, it's when all-people are telling you to do stuff". Not bad, really. Certainly feels familiar.

On one hand I think it's pretty great for him to be identifying and expressing emotions. On the other hand, it feels a bit daunting to consider trying to guide him through working out this stuff, considering that I think I might be on the same roller coaster! A while back we started using a pre-set list of choices to deal with overwhelming emotions. For example, we'd say, "when you are frustrated with something, you can (1) take a deep breath and try again (2) ask for help or (3) take a break from it".

Now, what am I supposed to tell him for "stressed"? I think I'd better work on that, for all of our sakes.


  1. Maybe you should put him on Cymbalta...

  2. Maybe this is just the start of another great Munger blog! Perhaps I should start working with him now on a name so he doesn't have to start with anything so boring as "Zack's Blog."

  3. I detect another Munger blogger.....

    I'm amazed how well he writes for four and 1/2. Also, the "Twattler" post was hilarious.

    (By the way, I finally updated my blog - with my take on "the gym.")

    Have fun this weekend, and Laura cannot wait to see the boys on Saturday!

  4. Yes, because "depression hurts"! ;)

    We'll see about that blogging. I'm not letting him near my computer anytime soon!