Sunday, March 22, 2009

Goodbye, little curls

Remember those precious (or ratty, depending on the angle) curls in yesterday's photo? Gone.

I love little baby curls, so fine and soft at the nape of the neck. But they aren't so pretty when crusted with sticky food, tangled in a bib, matted up after sleep, or any of the other situations in which we permanently live. So Sammy, fresh from the rigors of his one year vaccinations, also got a haircut. I kept planning to take him to a kids' haircut place Raegan recommended, but we never had time and the crusty tangle remained. He was so distracted with a particular toy that I just snipped around and took off the mess.

He really didn't notice. Nope. Just me. I had to shed a tear for those curls!

(And did I mention I'm so excited about my giveaway on Monday?)


  1. That first haircut is hard isn't it! He's still a cutie, though!!


  2. i still get sniffly thinking about melody's long lost ringlets

  3. Sammy, you look like a very handsome man!!!