Thursday, March 19, 2009


I'm not kidding: we made butter.

As in started with cream and ended up with butter. As Amy said: it was easy. Are you getting tired of hearing that yet? I have felt no end of surprise at how easy these things are to do, things that I had assumed were only really practical for industrial processing. (Easy individually - I'm glad we don't have to always do all of them!)

This took all of 10 minutes. Not even 10 minutes (apparently letting the cream come to room temperature first makes it much faster). I had very little to do with it, as Daddy and Zack were each too anxious for their turn and it was done very quickly.

Homemade Butter
-Put heavy whipping cream (any amount) in a jar or food processor and let it come to room temperature (2 hours).
-Shake (or process) until it turns into butter (5 to 10 minutes).
-Pour of the milk (drink it or whatever) and rinse butter in cold water.

Uh, yeah. That's it.
The cream first looks like whipped cream, then "siezes" into butter and throws off the watery milk. It looks a little like cottage cheese at first but just shake more and it comes together in a lump (can you see the lump of butter in the jar?). Then you can rinse and knead it until the water runs clear to make it keep longer. We rinsed it, but really, we just made a little and then we were all too quick to devour it.

We made it into strawberry butter (gee, strawberries, really?) and put it on homemade biscuits. Mmmmmm, homemade biscuits. Yuuuuummmmy. Recipe tomorrow! (Sorry, I've just got to get to some chores around here!)


  1. Well, when the world falls apart and our family retreats to the farm, you'll be ready will all these skills that B's been bugging me to learn. Now I can relax and focus on scrapbooking! ;) I have to say, I'm jealous of your homemade strawberry jam. I need to borrow Z for a few days!

  2. It's been a roll of little house on the prairie stuff lately, hasn't it? I need to get back to scrapbooking myself!

    Wait, I can't, my space is full of all the paperwork wreck that I was supposed to file :P