Saturday, March 14, 2009

Kids ATC Swap Follow Up

Early this week we received the final of the Kids Artist Trading Cards from the swap! Here is our whole set. Starting at the top, left and going down and across: "Colorful 6" (Zack's that he kept), "I SPY" by Teylan in MT, "ira" by Ira in MO, untitled by Caid in KY, untitled by Hawthorn in PA, and "'M' World" by Mary in MD. All the artists are four years old. I love the bird/whale one by Caid!

This was a lot of fun. I was gearing up for it to be a daunting project but it really wasn't (easy to say in retrospect, maybe, hmm?). Actually, I think it was easy because Zack did all his cards promptly without my having to prod him (unlike our Failed Christmas Thank-you Note Project - sorry, all those who didn't get a thank-you note from us... I don't mean to be a bad person, really...). The real fun was checking the mail - because apparently four year olds are crazy for their own mail!

Blair at Wise Craft and Erin at House On Hill Road set this up - many many thanks to them, especially since it blossomed into a very large logistical project! Zack is already asking me when we're doing this again... maybe annually?? Just a suggestion - I'm not volunteering! :)

I remembered to post the results of this today because I was reading in this book about how as grown-ups we loose the sense of "yes, I'm an artist!" and become people who say "Oh, I can't draw". But we all are artists in one way or another and here it is: Art, from the brushes, markers and crayons of kids!

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