Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm so excited to offer this lovely giveaway sponsored by Arizona Made!
This is a set of four hand-made thank-you notes. Each main image is different and each is embossed so that you can feel the raised texture. The whole image is raised from the rest of the card, which reads "grateful" in an elegant font. A twine tie, fabric ribbon, and hand-sewn button give texture to the card over the two colors of background flourishes. The interior is left blank for your message. White envelopes are included.
You'll really love using these beautiful notes! To enter, leave a comment on this post. Refer a friend! I'll enter your name again every time someone mentions that you referred them. Winner will be announced on Wednesday evening!

I've had some questions about the comments:
  • There is a comment link right below this.
  • Just "hi" will do, you don't have to say anything profound.
  • You don't need to sign up for any account to leave a comment. My site allows anonymous comments - you can just leave your first name.
  • If you don't wish to leave contact info, just check back after I announce the winner.
  • If you know me and think it would be dorky to enter, it's not and you should still sign up to win. Heck, I wish *I* could win.
  • Just do it.


  1. So, do I just leave a comment here, on your blog and I'm entered?! OR do I go to Etsy and leave a comment on the store site? Those cards are beautiful!! I think you know how to contact me ;) - Jennifer

  2. Yep, I'll fix the instructions above so it's clear, but you are entered! :)

  3. These are gorgeous cards! Very creative of Julie. She is so talented.

  4. Gorgeous, carefully designed - very talented sibling.

  5. Is there anything Julie can't do?

  6. What beautiful note cards! Jennifer Caudle referred me. Contact info:

  7. What a treat! A link to your blog and a chance to win those beautiful handmade cards!

  8. I'd love the cards! I'm Cathy - Beth's mom from cbethblog; I saw the give-away on her blog so guess that means she recommended me! I know Julie but didn't know she made cards. They are beautiful! Maybe she can win my animal blankie and I can win her cards???

  9. I love the cards too! They are beautiful! I would love to enter for the giveaway!

  10. Maybe it would make up for the fact that I've fallen behind on my thank you notes if I sent such beautiful cards.

  11. Hi!
    I really like the cards, too! My mother-in-law and daughter-in-law both love butterflies. They are always doing something sweet for which I need to thank them.

    I'm Etna, Beth's friend from cbethblog. I saw the give-away on her blog, too, so I will say that she recommended me.

    I will check back with you after you announce the winner. ;o)

  12. By request, I'm entering for Ruth, a loyal reader.