Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parsley anyone??

The parsley needed a serious haircut. It was threatening to take over the garden and encroaching on the swiss chard and the lettuce! I had to wield the clippers with Zack jumping up and down next to me and Sammy falling off my hip, but I managed to give the other rows some breathing room.

The amount of parsley harvested borders on the ridiculous. Even if I made a big batch of tabbouleh, this is a ton of parsley. That "vase" in the picture is actually a large water pitcher and it's more than full.

So... any local peeps want some parsley?? It's a really healthy food and all that! Plus, it's pretty.
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  1. Put me down for some parsley! I'll grab it when I drop Zack's shorts off today or tomorrow :)

  2. I don't need any parsley, but I think the arrangement is surprisingly lovely.