Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Strawberry Adventure

Yesterday we went out to Sweet Berry Farms outside Marble Falls, Texas for a great strawberry picking adventure. James' parents are off work on Spring Break this week and invited us to go with them so the kids and I joined them on what turned out to be a really fun day-trip. Last week the weather was cold and rainy, but that all ended on Sunday and by yesterday it was beautifully clear and sunny. It was yet another event that I wouldn't have done on my own but turned out great.

I really hadn't planned on buying very much, but Linda, James' mom, was so excited about the local, organic produce that I got excited too. Plus, I kept thinking how cool it would be for Zack to be able to see the food from the field all the way through to something interesting. Since Linda was talking jam, that started sounding really interesting!

The boys did super. Zack did some picking, with a lot of help and patience from his Uncle Bill. Sammy chilled in the stroller, mostly with good humor. He got to get out later and see the horses, donkeys, and baby goats with Grandpa.

There were several fields, but the best strawberries were in the muddiest areas - as witnessed by my shoes!

I ended up with 6.81 lb of strawberries! And what happened to them, you ask? I'll be reporting on that tomorrow!!

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