Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog name

Ok, as previously disclosed and discussed, I acknowledge that the name "Deanna's Blog" is lame. Julie has a list of options, but none have really struck me quite right. Some are downright scandalous ("Making Mungers"? hee hee!).

I really just want to have a chance to write, with the tantalizing thought that someone, somewhere might read it. I want to show pictures of the kids, but I'm not really thinking of an online scrapbook. I like the idea of discussing issues now and then, but it's not really a political forum for me, more like occasional musings. I tried out "Thoughts from Deanna" for a day and hated it. Sounded crazy egocentric to me. I like capturing anything that is creative or fun before it slips away from my Pigeon Brain. What's a girl with too many hobbies and no single focus to do?

I keep thinking back to my wedding, when we were doing so much ourselves that the hours and minutes before the ceremony had to shift into a panic-driven high gear. Julie, who embodies all the best of the Fieldmarshall personality type, began to move everyone along. It was Lead, Follow, or Get Outta the Way! My friend and attendant, Alya, was sprinkling sparkles on the tables for the reception. "Sprinkle, Alya, sprinkle!" Julie barked!

Sometimes my hobbies feel like they only get going when there is a deadline and I have to shift into high gear. I finished scrapbooking my wedding at one in the morning the night before Sammy was born, almost ten years later. I finished my nephew's crocheted blanket in the backseat of the car on the way to the baby shower. I finished the preparations for the M is for Man on the Moon party the night before and morning of only due to high-gear and the help of my mother- and father-in-law and our friend, Glenn. As usual, I was in the kitchen plating up the food on the trays and garnishing at top speed just before the guests began to arrive.

So I'm trying a new name: Garnish, Deanna, Garnish! If I hate it after a few days, I guess we'll go back to the lame name.


  1. I like the name! Thanks for the explanation too!

    Just so the rest of you know, I was driving the car when she finished Nolan's blanket on the way to Nolan's baby shower!!! hee hee! Of course, I finished the blanket I was making Zack at one in the morning the night before the shower, so maybe it just runs in the family!

  2. I like this name. In fact, I like the surprise of finding a new name occasionally. Kind of suspenseful.

  3. I was thinking of this recently and only came up with "Detailing Deanna"

  4. I was there during the wedding prep, and I agree that we were all busy.

    I remember sprinkling the tables, going to the grocery store to buy last minute food items, getting ready, and all of those fun things. But, I mostly remember having a blast.

    Better questions: Has it really been over ten years?

  5. Ah, an eyewitness :)

    I have pictures in my (recently finished) wedding album of you and Sally chopping veggies at warp speed. I always recommend to brides that they don't do things like I did. But I wouldn't change my plan if I did it again. I like panic, apparently :)

  6. I must have amnesia. I don't remember helping much at your wedding. I just remember having a really fun time. I love the blog name also. In fact I really like the idea of a blog. Reading your's has made me consider creating one. I just need a good name...

  7. Sally - I have photo evidence of you hard at work. :) Even after the preparations and we were over at the ceremony location, I have pictures of you pinning corsages on family. The one with you and my great grandmother is sweet.

    I am still really enjoying the writing and photos! It will have been a year for the blog at the end of the month. I'd love to read anything you start!