Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Biscuit Brothers

When I told my sister I was taking the kids to see The Biscuit Brothers play a concert on the steps of the Capitol on Monday afternoon, she said, "uhhh... so... is James off work?" Ha ha!

Let's just say I don't normally strike out on such adventures on my own. The parking always intimidates me, it was scheduled during naptime, and... I don't know, I guess I just feel nervous taking two kids on my own. But, Zack has been asking to see the Biscuit Brothers in person for a long time. We went to a parade they were in, but they rolled by and we only heard a piece of one song. Since they film their PBS show here in Austin, I know we really ought to take advantage of the opportunities to see them. So I got James to drive me by the Capitol Visitors Parking Garage on Sunday so that I would know where to go (it's a short, stroller-friendly walk to the Capitol grounds and the first two hours are free, bonus!). I figured the garage would be full but we got there early (really, you say, you got somewhere early?) and there were spaces available.

We had a very easy time doing this and Zack loooved the Biscuit Brothers. The crowd was not too big and we were very near the front. We ran into a friend with her two little ones and Zack sat with them, even closer than I could get with the stroller. The Brothers (and sister) were very personable and fun. The weather was gorgeous, though it did get a bit hot! Sammy was fussy by the end, but really he did better than I could have expected.

Afterwards, the kids went up to Buttermilk, Buford, and then Dusty. They mostly just looked at them in person and stared instead of talking. One of the little friends we met there hugged Buttermilk. And Zack had some version of this conversation with Dusty:
Zack: Is your name Buford?
Dusty: No, I'm Dusty.
Zack: Why isn't your name Buford?
Dusty: Because my name is Dusty.
(Zack silent)
Dusty: What's your name?
Zack: Zachary.
Dusty: Well, see, your name's not Buford either.
I need to remember how well this worked the next time I'm tempted to wimp out of a fun outing (which is always)!

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  1. What could make a more perfect afternoon--sunshine, music and that enrapt look on Zack's says it was a magical time.

  2. For the record, I didn't mean it like THAT! I just thought that the Biscuit Brothers was specifically something Z did with his daddy...