Sunday, March 08, 2009

Plant a Tree

Zack working hard

On Saturday Zack and James joined the volunteers at our local park for It's My Park! day. There were 240 trees planted in our park alone. Apparently there were 2,500 volunteers at 60 parks planting thousands of trees all over the city! It was such a simple thing to go along and do, but I'm amazed when I see the whole effort of which it was a part.

Sammy and I followed Zack and James around with Sammy in the stroller and me keeping him entertained.

Zack really wanted to do the digging - good thing they had machine-dug (or loosened?) the holes ahead of time! It would have been impossible for him to make any headway in to the dirt if it hadn't been worked beforehand. James tried to dig a bit and then load him up a shovel-full to lift out of the hole, but he was having none of that. He said Dad should really finish the bit he started and then turn over the shovel for Zack to have a turn. The organizers were very patient and relaxed about our pace, even when it was noticeably slower than the pace of the tree planters around us. We took special note of the two trees the guys planted so that we can see what they look like over time.

I'm really proud of James for going and doing these kinds of things. I tend to believe that it's too difficult, but it wasn't and it didn't take all day. Zack got to participate in something larger and we made some connections within our own neighborhood. Good stuff.

Sammy being supportive


  1. A memorable day for Zack and James! I remember when my family planted 10 trees at our childhood home. I have watched one in particular (my tree) grow for 50 years and seeing it again is always very special.

  2. Not to ruin the sentimental moment, but for some reason I'm laughing out loud at the pictures of Zack shoveling! I feel sure that if you had shot the pic from a slightly different angle, we would have seen him crackin'!

  3. I agree, the shoveling pictures are really funny!!