Friday, July 31, 2009

Snapshot: Growing Boys

Check out how big these boys are getting.

Zack has had a growth spurt and I'm going to have to buy him new clothes (new summer clothes, since it's apparently going to be 103 degrees every day until the end of time, which will of course be followed by new fall clothes). He's plowing through books like a little madman. Lately when you interrupt him and he looks up from his book, he has the startled, disoriented look of having been suddenly picked up by the collar and pulled from the scene in which he had been immersed. Feels familiar to me- I spent half my childhood buried in a book and the other half with that look on my face. There's also a reappearance of the temper tantrum. Seems a little old to me, but I guess it fits with learning to deal with strong emotions.

Sammy has learned to communicate his wishes by nodding or shaking his head. His nod makes me so happy: it is a single, emphatic nod after which his chin stays down and only his eyes come back up, looking at you to see that you've seen the excellent nod he's just completed. I love love love being able to figure out what he wants (although he does get himself mixed up sometimes when he's answering, just to keep it interesting). He will even say yes, he wants to go Night Night. Handy when he's acting sleepy but I'm wondering it's too early to put him to bed. He'll nod yes, then start blowing kisses (which is just bringing his hand to and away from his mouth). He also thrills himself when he masters a new word - today it was "ice". He feels so clever, you can just see it. Well I won't argue!

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