Thursday, July 23, 2009

By Color

I took the plunge and reorganized all my scrapbooking stuff by color. It was intimidating until I accidentally dumped my previous organization bin upside down on the floor. After holding Sammy back while picking up each teeny tiny brad and button, I figured it was just as easy to put them back by color anyway and got started.

This is a set of small stacking bins that were inexplicably cheap at Target. They were right next to the standard sets but with a different color lid, a "College" label and a half price sticker (but wait, the dorm-supply season is just starting, right? I never understand the mysteries of Target pricing). I bought three, which seemed like a lot when I had no real plan for them, but now I love them so much I'm wishing for more.

If you are looking for some good links about scrapbooking organization, I listed some I've been enjoying at the end of this post. My reorganization made it fun to finish (gasp!) my latest small project. Stay tuned for pics!

(Thanks to Keri at Forever Folding Laundry for her tips on using larger photos. With this very cropped photo, Blogger tried to size it extremely small and that's just no fun.
p.s. Now I'm having trouble with my big picture getting cut off. I think I have it looking right now, but if it looks cut off to you - meaning you don't see a black border all around it - please leave me a comment so I can fix it?)

Another postscript - You can see in the far right bin that I have one section not organized by color - in that one, I have all my tabs and tags in one side, and all my words embellishments in the other (although there are lots of words stickers that are on sheets so they aren't in there). The logic is that for most embellishments, I tend to look for them by color; but if I'm looking for a tab, tag or word, I am probably looking for those items specifically. I'll let you know how it works for me!


  1. hey deanna. rub-ons are a pain in the neck. my only suggestions would be make sure the rub-ons aren't cold, try different tools to rub them on. i always have to reposition to get them to work. certain brands are horrible - like heidi swapp. hth!

  2. Celeste - thanks for taking the time to visit and answer my question!

    I though the bone folder worked better than my other tools, but they still didn't go on fully or without flaws.

    Know any brands that do work well?
    Thanks again :)

  3. brands that work well. american crafts when they are new - when they get older they aren't so good. 7 Gypsies are pretty good. I'm not sure about Basic Grey - but last time I used them they seemed pretty good. October Afternoon rubs are great.