Friday, July 24, 2009

San Antonio Mini-Book

After our long weekend to San Antonio, I wanted to get the pictures into some format where we could flip through them. I wanted it to be fun and casual and something different than a traditional album.

I had the idea to make the photos themselves the pages from this video by Jennifer McGuire, but I wanted it to have a certain look with a lot of black background.

I started with two pieces of 4x6" plain, inexpensive chipboard. I covered the outsides of the covers with patterned paper (velvet dots on metallic gold for the back!) I wanted something different for the insides of the covers. Inspired by another video by Jennifer McGuire (this one is the first in a series of 27!), I used my regular black ink pad to pounce all over the inside of my covers and came up with this mottled black surface. I really like how it turned out!

I made the major divisions and the all-journaling pages from cardstock or paper backed with cardstock. The letters are fuzzy velvet Thickers which feel really fun since these pages aren't under page protectors. Then I used some hardware that came on a wall decoration to make a ribbon tab for each section (see close-up photo).

I printed my pictures 4x6" with a matte finish and a black border. {I always love to hear what photo shops my friends use, so I'll tell you that I use Costco Photo Center because it is speedy, has good color (I really hate the color quality at Walmart) and is $.13/picture. They have the free option for black border.} For most pages, I glued two photos back to back to make a page, though I did have a couple of pages that have a cropped photo on them. Then I did the majority of my journaling directly on the photos. It was quick, easy, and has a fun, casual look!

I really like how this little project turned out. There are several pages that have problems - rub-ons that didn't rub on correctly, some (very) crooked journaling... but in the spirit of fun and storytelling, I am going to leave them (for now at least - I'm telling myself I can always reprint the photos and fix it later!). Plus, I'm happy to have finished a craft project. Even something mini is an accomplishment!


  1. Wow, this turned out soooo cool! NOW I understand what you were planning! I'm glad you didn't listen to my doubtfulness! I love how you included the ticket stub and map from the zoo- very nice! -and I'm a big fan of the Thickers!

    For the record, I have ALWAYS had trouble with rub-ons of all brands and ages...

  2. Thanks :) Yes, I'm glad I didn't listen to your naysaying too, haha.

    I wrote a couple of rockstar-scrappers and they said that the brand makes a big difference. So I'm going to try a different brand. I don't even know what brands these were, they came with an old kit. Also, they said as they get older they don't work as well and to warm them up first. So I'll try that as well.

  3. Amazing! I don't know how you find the time for your crafting. I'm home with the girls, just for a week, and it's all I can do to cook, clean and play with them!

    To be honest, I did finally frame a cross stitch piece I finished in 2007. The mat's a little too small, but if I take the time to find the right one, it'll be another two years.

  4. Sadia - Aw, thanks! Most days I feel like I just clean the kitchen six times. This was a real effort to get done - when I think about it, most scrapping projects I actually complete (the few!) are things I believe my hubby/family is interested in having.
    Good for you on your cross stitch! Post a pic :)

  5. These are darling!! What a fun idea and keepsake to have!

  6. Cameron - thank you!! And thanks for commenting!

  7. Very cool scrapbook. I am hacking away at Tirzah's first year, I am on December. I love scrapbooking, just need more time to do it!

  8. Sharon - thank you!

    Yeah, that's always the challenge, isn't it? :)