Thursday, July 30, 2009

Choices Dinner at Whole Foods

Zack and James had a long discussion that started with Zack saying that he likes sweet treats because he get to choose them himself (in actuality, he will gladly have any sweet item dictated to him. I think it's pretty clear that he likes treats because they are sweet). But, the conversation turned to how he likes food best when he gets to choose it himself. Makes sense, right? I like to choose things myself.

Zack does a good job of eating a wide variety of foods, but even so the path isn't always smooth. James saw it as a fun opportunity, so we planned a dinner of choosing and headed to Whole Foods. We got a cart and circled the produce section, the meat and fish counters with their little set-in eating areas, the bakery, the cheese counter, and the whole extended deli/food bars. We circled the whole place before trying to decide anything. At that point, the one flaw in our plan became apparent: Sammy was in agony seeing the food and not eating any yet! But, we made it through the challenge of actually selecting and purchasing some food and had a really fun dinner.

We sat outside in the failing light, overlooking the little playscape. James got an entree and two sides at the hot counter. Sammy and I split a mixed selection from the by-the-pound food bars. Zack choose a rice pilaf all his own and shared some of Daddy's food. There was a beautiful sunset. We let Sammy loose on the playscape. Zack spotted a green parrot in a mesquite tree (!). And then we went back and chose some treats to top it all off - giant gormet gumdrops for Zack and Daddy and a Chinese Five Spice Chocolate Truffle for me. I've been dreaming of that truffle ever since.

And, I have to show you this sign: Could they have been thinking of me?

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