Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taste Test: Choffy

I really really like my Choffy!

Choffy is roasted cacao beans - the beans used to make chocolate - which are ground and brewed like coffee. There is nothing added to it and it's Fair Trade. On it's own, it doesn't have calories. It also doesn't have caffeine (or at least very much) but rather theobromine. You can read all about the benefits on the Choffy website, but I can vouch for it being yummy!

Choffy sells through independent distributors, so when C.Beth recommended the product through her interaction with Amy Norton, I was excited to email her. She sent me the samples you see - three different kinds - all free! She didn't even charge postage.

I decided to fix it just like I do my coffee for my first trial. I usually make strong coffee and normally brew a good quality, rather bold, French Roast, ground a little finer than the standard drip grind, though I use a drip coffee maker. I used two level scoops (1/8 cup each) of Choffy grounds for about 3.5 cups of water and my usual amount of cream and sugar (don't ask a lady how much sugar she uses! It's... not polite, yeah, that's it).

The smell of the grounds is very rich and chocolaty. It brewed up nicely, though it's a little more "medium roast-y" than my taste. I think that's to be expected given my bold coffee preferences and the fact that it is labeled "Medium Roast". I did drink a little plain - I like coffee plain, I just prefer it doctored and I would say the same is true of Choffy. The rest I fixed up for a steamy delicious, bowl-sized cup! The chocolate aspect is more subdued than I expected, but the entire flavor is rich and highly enjoyable.

I expect to be purchasing some when my samples are gone, though it's more expensive than the coffee I buy now. I pay $7.20 - 9.60 per pound (40 ounces at at time!) and Choffy works out to $20/lb. But, I may mix it with my coffee, or have it as an occasional treat.

p.s. The link to Amy Loves It is working now! If you look down at the bottom of the post, the offer to send out free sample seems to be still good (score!). Amy emailed me back when I had had trouble with the link - she had been having site problems which are resolved. Try it - it's sooo good!

p.p.s. Today I tried a scoop of Chof

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  1. Deanna, I am so glad you enjoyed your Choffy! Thank you so much for the link! I love Choffy, and I love sharing it with others. Most mornings, I mix Choffy with coffee (I drink both coffee and Choffy "black") for a yummy taste.

    Your pictures are fabulous! I especially love how you set up the first one.

    Thanks again!