Saturday, July 18, 2009

Family Visit Part 5 (Final!) - Under Sink Project

Never seen anyone this happy with their under-sink cabinet? Well, you didn't see this cabinet before! And I didn't take a picture, but that's just as well. Yuck.

When the dishwasher leaked, water wicked along the underside of the cabinet to the next cabinet bottom, causing it to swell and bow. The center of the left side was about five inches lower than the cabinet facing, while the center of the right side was about three inches higher than the cabinet facing. The whole thing was grody from having been wet. So very yucky.

My dad used a little jigsaw to cut out the cabinet bottom and the moldy, deteriorated supports, then he and James built a new support and installed a new cabinet bottom (both out of actual wood and very sturdy). The cabinet bottom is painted a clean white (which I hope to do to all my cabinets eventually) and covered with a spare piece of vinyl, courtesy of a scrap James' parents had on hand (Thanks!). I'm really pleased with the result and relieved to have the mess gone. That's the last of the kitchen problems caused by the dishwasher, although we do still have some damaged laminate flooring. It's visible but not completely terrible and I'm just not up to tackling that project yet, so it's on hold for now.

My Dad had a little helper for his work too - see Trouble on the job?
Actually, this was a more common scene:

It was really fun to have not only my parents but my granny visiting. Even with the kids sick, we had some really enjoyable times together and I'm really thankful that they were willing to make the trip!


  1. And what a handsome outfit and cute shoes little Mr Trouble is wearing!!!

  2. Absolutely. His shoe selection is now FANTASTIC. :)