Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Family Visit Part 4 - Piecing

I took a little heat while my guests were here for all my unfinished sewing projects. Turns out I'm a lot better at starting quilts than finishing them. Well, that's not really news. We all knew it already. This pattern has worked out just fine on the items I've designed for my mom to make. I like designing, I love picking fabrics, and she's good at finishing. But on most of my own items-in-progress, I'm stalled at the quilting.

I tried hand-quilting - I just don't like it. So, I took a machine quilting class. I really enjoyed the class and despite having just a simple sewing machine, I feel like I could get the hang of it. Unfortunately, it comes down to practicing more than just knowing how to do it. Now I need to practice. The pieces I have ready to quilt have seen many hours of meticulous piecing and I'm not willing to quilt on them until I practice. But practicing is not the fun part of making and I haven't done it yet.

In the meantime, I got out a piecing project that had no reason to be stalled and Mom and I worked on it for a while during her visit. It's one of these strange projects that doesn't have much of a purpose - I found a bunch of leftover block-of-the-month club kits at a fabric store for ridiculously cheap. There were only five designs left, but lots of those. So, I got multiples of each with the idea of either inventing alternate blocks or just making multiples of the ones I had. I liked the colors, but other than that I didn't have much of a plan. I still don't, but I decided that's ok.

I've done quite a bit more since she left, and am making good progress. I guess I'll get it to the point of being stalled and decide then what to do next.


  1. Where did you take the class? I'm looking for a good sewing class. Your Mom sounds like an amazing person!

  2. Hi Sadia, I took it at The Quilt Store (www.quiltstore.com) on Anderson Ln. I'm interested in taking Machine Quilting II there sometime.

    Thanks, she really is!

  3. Yes, I'll take some more photos when I get a few blocks done.

  4. I didn't realize my picture wasn't showing. It showed on my view until today. I've corrected it now!