Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Summer cooking

Are you like me, feeling the need to revamp your cooking for summer?

I might need a new system. Well, not a system; that sounds very official. I don't really want to be that official. I just want some easy summer meals that don't require turning on the oven and can be pulled out of the hat on nights we want to spend our time at the neighborhood pool.

And, now that I'm dishwasher-less and need to expend some energy on deciding what to do about repairs, I'm even more motivated to keep it simple. But, I find that if I don't keep my cooking interesting, I dread it, and it turns into a chore. So, I'm looking for some simple but tasty recipes to become summer staples. I've got a stack of cookbooks checked out from the library and some lists started, but I bet I've got some dishes of my own that I had forgotten about!

I started by cooking up a bunch of chicken to use in tacos, pizzas, and oh yeah, soups. That's what's on the menu for tonight: Black bean soup with chicken.

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