Thursday, June 25, 2009

Range: After! (and Before)

While I was shopping for dishwashers, my research kept spilling over into ranges. I would be waiting for a salesperson to come back with some bit of information about a dishwasher and the ranges would call me over, whisper to me that they had a level cooking surface and an insulated oven, that they could be turned down low enough to simmer something, that they would be so nice to my food...

I did mention that appliances were looking like a slippery slope, right?

The other motivator I had was the shopping. Researching this stuff takes forever. At least, it takes me forever. I feel like I need to do my due diligence to be responsible with a major purchase, which means absorbing the main body of information. However, since the internet has so much information, it's a major project to make a purchase! And then (I know this from repeated experience), when it's put aside for "a few weeks" to think about it, all the stores and selections and model numbers and prices change and I have to start over. So, I decided this time I was going to press on until I got to a decision - and boy is it a nice one!

The top is so level. The old one was sadly sagging in the middle so that there was no way for the burners to sit level. And I can turn on the oven, even today when it was 105 degress (but my car said 113) and not notice an increase in the temperature of the kitchen, much less the whole house. I haven't used some of the fancier features yet, but I'm looking forward to it.

Next project in line? Not sure, but I have a lot of good choices: the island countertop (it has fruit tile on it - fruit), the cabinets that would surely look better painted, the cabinet base damaged by the dishwasher leak, the floor damaged by the dishwasher leak, the gas line position that makes the new stove stick out four inches from the wall... yeah, lots of options!


  1. Love the new range. Love that it has such a range of functions. Seriously, it's beaut. Enjoy it, so that we may benefit from your garnishment tales.

  2. Very pretty! I wish I could help you paint but I bet you want to use oil based paint- you're not supposed to use that when pregnant, right?