Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Boys of a Feather

I had a great conversation with a woman at our church recently about the experience of being a mom of boys. It was so encouraging to me to hear her perspective as someone whose children are grown. Like me, she assumed she would have girls... but had two boys.  And now she can see how wonderful it was for her.  I thought I would have girls, but I wouldn't trade these two little individual people for anything.  That led us to visit about the ways our boys are alike and different from their brothers.

It is striking to me that my two are so much alike. Maybe it's because I was told that the second would be so different from the first, or maybe it's because they are still so young, but I am continually amazed at how similar they are.  Their little laughs are just the same.  They love books.  They need a lot of sleep or they immediately get sick.  They have had similar eating patterns.  They are an endearing mixture of bold and shy... in such a similar way!  Check out their little "concentrating faces".  I know I'm their mom, but man: those boys are such neat little people.


  1. What a great pic! I think they're neat little people too (of course I might be bias too). I wonder if my two boys will be similar... What sorts of things did this mother of boys say? I need encouragement!!!

  2. and they're so cute dressed alike! :) Kristen Everett Eastman

  3. Your boys are adorable!

    It's only recently that I've allowed myself to see how similar my girls are. I was so paranoid about everyone else equating identical twins and treating them as one person that I wouldn't even let myself THINK of them as alike (and certainly not as a unit). They do have a lot in common, though.

  4. Oh you know how cute I think they are - this picture is adorable!

  5. Y'all are so sweet :)

    Sadia - I agree, the differences are important but the similarities are fun too!

    Julie - Her boys are very different from one another but she just felt that God had created something so good for her in the way her family developed. She was talking about some hard things that happened and how she now can see how they led to the best things.

  6. This picture is pretty fantastic!!