Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Huh. I really am obsessed with soup.

But I'm not just obsessed with soup. I'm also obsessed with red peppers. And avocados. At least my interests are broad.

Our new Sprouts has had red peppers and avocados at great prices and the best thing about it is that the quality has been so good. I sprung for a dozen of the peppers and roasted those beauties under the broiler (so that I could do several at a time). Then I peeled and sliced them and froze them away for later. I feel so rich.

I'm wondering about freezing the avocado. You can buy frozen guacamole. Maybe if I peeled and halved them and tossed them in lime juice. Has anyone tried this? Do I need to borrow a vacuum sealer to make it work?

This roasted red pepper soup was so good. Too bad I didn't follow the recipe or even write down what I did. I'll probably never recreate it.

p.s. Yes, that is (another) trial homemade bread mix in the background. It's good, but not fabulous. I shall endeavor to persevere. A tough job, but someone's got to do it!


  1. So, I have a question...what happens when you make this for dinner? Do the kids balk? Do you have kids that eat yummy, healthy things like this? I would make this every night of the week, except my kids would probably not go for it. Any advice?

  2. Hi Elizabeth! Yeah, Zack balks some. Sammy likes these veggie soups that have residual sweetness. Usually I serve it for dinner, Zack takes the first bite and says it's great, then takes the second bite and says it's not very good and he doesn't want to eat it. Not sure what's up with that.

    I can usually add some favorite crackers, shredded cheese or a dollop of sour cream and he'll finish a small bowl. At dinner whatever is served is the only option unless you want to wait for breakfast, so he eats (with varying amount of whining). He'll never choose it for lunch (when he's usually given a couple of options).

    I don't really have any advice... Except that good bread seems to redeem the meal for the kiddos! What are your strategies?

  3. Have you tried A friend told me about it. Maybe they have a good bread recipe. Soup looks yummy:)

  4. Hi Sally!
    Yes, I found several recipes there, most of them pretty similar. They were good but not great. I have one more variation to try - I'm hopeful!

  5. About freezing avocados - yes, halving them and tossing with a small amount of lemon or lime juice works well. I've even frozen without the acid and it works okay. The thing you'll notice though is that the texture isn't the same after freezing... not a problem if you're mashing them, but they are a bit mushy otherwise.

    Great blog, BTW!

  6. Alya - thanks for the info! I still haven't tried this but I plan to, this week.

    Thank you for reading :) I miss you!!

  7. I miss you too, and I do read... I especially like your cooking posts - my next goal is to become a garlic head as well, yippee!

    Cooking has become a bit of a thing with me. Before Maya, my Saturdays used to be spent making fresh pasta and baking bread. Now I have to content myself with making her baby food (hence the experience with freezing avocado). Not quite as exciting, but still fun to see her try new things.