Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Al Pastor

I mentioned summer cooking yesterday and these tacos are a great summer standby.

First of all, they are a rollover recipe - based on remaking leftovers from a previous meal. Second, they are fast to put together, and have a fresh, sweet flavor we all love.

I use leftover pork tenderloin, mix it with spices and pineapple, and saute it up to make my shortcut take on the traditional Al Pastor. I serve it in corn tortillas, toasted over the flame on the gas oven. I serve them with shredded cabbage, sweet onion, cilantro and either lime wedges or a creamy salsa. Yum!


  1. Mmmmm.... I love Al Pastor tacos!

  2. What's your favorite spot for Al Pastor? Ours is Changos!

  3. Those look good!! I love summer cooking. It's great to mix it up, huh!


  4. Keri - yeah, it's definitely time for some variety from the winter menu around here!