Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review: Outliers

Have you read Malcom Gladwell's books? I think they are some of the most entertaining non-fiction out there. Outliers is his latest book, after earlier titles The Tipping Point and Blink.

Gladwell has a fascinating way of addressing the world. In Outliers, he discusses how certain people become sucessfull outside the common pattern. He doesn't talk about how some people are smart, talented or determined, but how some smart, talented, determined people (not all smart, talented, determined people) excel beyond the usual. The Beatles, Bill Gates, Mozart, and many others are the subject of his investigations, but it's the phenomena he describes along the way that are so interesting.

You wouldn't think that the number of syllables in the aisian languages' words for numbers would seem so relevant in every day life, but after reading this book, that's exactly what comes to mind when I'm trying to remember an appliance model number.

That's what I really like about Gladwell's books - the observations and stories come back to me over and over when I'm in the midst of figuring out other things. Plus, you really don't want to put them down! I definitely recommend this fast-reading, smart, interesting read.

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  1. I loved The Tipping Point and Blink. I don't suppose you have a copy I could borrow?