Saturday, January 10, 2009


Nine hours is a lotta wedding coordinating for one day. I'm beat.

But, I did get a sense of what it's like to come in after a long day to kiddos who need hugged and bathed and put to bed. When I was driving home, I found myself thinking that I was so tired that surely James would do the lion's share of the bedtime routine. Then I realized that if it doesn't work that way on James' workdays.... ahem.

But, when I walked in to Yay, Mommy's home! and big smiles, I really did get a second wind. I didn't mind handling the baths on my own, even when Sammy tried to stand up in the tub and immediately fell and started burbling blood (minor, cleaned up much more quickly that it looked like it was going to). Funny to be seeing things from another perspective. Nevertheless, I'm glad they are in bed.

Now for some feet-up time!

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  1. Nine hours? Plus what you put in Friday? Wow. It's hard to imagine they pay you enough! But don't you love the Yay-Mommy's-Here-Hug? It seems like I always get an extra good hug when I've been away a few hours- or even when he's just been in Kid's Klub for an hour. I wonder if that'll be the case after NJ's been with Granny for 4 days... I'm a little afraid that he'll just be settled right in and disappointed to see boring old momma...