Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Burgeoning Harvest

The garden we planted way back here is beginning to produce some lettuce. It was planted some time ago, and really should be going strong by now, but it spent our whole two-week Christmas trip covered, so when we got back we had more sprouts than full leaves. But after intermittent sun and even a little rain there is enough to take leaves as we go.

I love this stage of the lettuce production - the leaves are young and tender, succulent and delicious. The arugula is mild and the spikier lettuces are still soft. It's so good that I've even had James go harvest some for me to eat with breakfast (the rest of the family likes it, just not quite enough to add it to breakfast). I love it with just salt and a little drizzle of olive oil or lemon juice.

The down side of this stage is that it's just so scarce. I'm stealing little leaves from here and there, trying to strategically thin without mowing down the future harvest. I keep putting my tender little salads on the side when I'd like to have a giant fluffy bowl of the stuff.

Today my small but luscious salad is on the side of my current go-to lunch, black bean soup. It's been different each time I've made it, but today's was the best!

p.s. For balance, let me tell you my go-to dinner, which James brought me home tonight for a late dinner after the kids were in bed: Fully Loaded Nachos from Taco Bell! Mmmmm, additives! :)

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