Monday, January 26, 2009

She's let herself go.

First, before I'm permanently labeled as a shlumpadinka, I'll say in my defense that I'm sick, Sammy is teething and slightly feverish and it's chilly and rainy out. Also, it's our stay-at-home-day, which we try to do every Monday to balance out our weekends that tend to have too much running around.

Today, I put on a sweatsuit. I changed out of my jammies into a pink jogging-type outfit with a black t-shirt. It isn't something with sweatband ankle cuffs and a freebie logo on the chest. It isn't torn or grease-stained. The pants are boot cut, the sweatshirt is a zip-up hoodie, and the black t-shirt is a feminine cut with detailing around the v-neck. I'm just saying that though it isn't something I'd wear to a party, it isn't that bad.

This was the response from my four year old:
Zack: Are you wearing that today?

Me: Yes.

Zack: As your clothes?

Me: Yep.

Zack: Mommy. I don't think you can really wear that.

Me: Why not?

Zack, head shaking, chin pulled back, face scrunched in distaste, sputtering: It's... too... pink! and jammie-y!

Me: Well, it isn't jammies, I changed out of my jammies. And it is our stay at home day.

Zack: And are you still wearing it when Daddy comes home?

Me: Yes! It's fine!

Me, calling out after him as he shakes his head and leaves the room: And I'm sick!
Sheesh. He's strict.


  1. I really really love that boy! He seriously cracks me up. When are you guys going to come visit us?

  2. Just read this and laughed SO HARD! Gotta love kids!

    Mark H