Wednesday, January 21, 2009

All the way from Lordsburg

My sister "stopped by" this weekend. She lives in Yuma, so it's a bit of extra effort to find herself in the neighborhood, but she and her husband attended a wedding of an old friend in Houston, so lucky us, our house was on the way! It was a whirlwind trip; they were here from about 10pm Friday until noon Saturday, then again from about 1am to 10am Monday. Aside from the pesky time spent on sleep, we made the most of our little visit.

And guess what she held in her little cooler when she arrived at my door? SALSA!!!

Wow, is that thoughtful, or what!
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  1. That's right, folks! I knew southern hospitality etiquette demanded that I have a hostess gift. But what do you get the girl who has everything??? Well, of course, her new favorite salsa, only available at a restaurant 737 miles away!

  2. I meant to comment earlier on Lordsburg. We stopped there once as an overnight place driving from L.A. to TX. All I know about Lordsburg is that they stop selling alcohol at midnight!