Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Journal

It's a shame I haven't done anything interesting this week. Been too busy pretending I'm in a never ending Mucinex commercial. But, I thought I would write about an idea of my sister's that I'm trying.

My memory is very strange. I know a lot of random facts (to quote my sister: "Deanna, not everyone is full of useless bits of information!"), but I can't remember my chemistry classes (pathetic, as my major was chemical engineering) or what I signed up to do at the last whatever meeting. I have very specific memories of some things and none of others. So, when I read a non-fiction book and think I'm going to use the content, I like to make some notes. The problem with these notes is that they are in random places and I don't always know where to put my hands on them again. One recent set was on a large post-it in the book, where it remained when I returned the book to the library (half read and overdue, as usual).

Julie uses a journal as a place to take notes on books or write explorations of thoughts they prompt. I decided to try it, though I don't often stick with doing such things regularly. I have journals, purchased years ago when I was on one kick or another, still blank. This is a nice one, spiral bound so that it will lay flat for writing, sturdy, pretty but not sappy. I transferred a set of notes on a favorite parenting book and now I'm trying to get down some notes on that Crunchy Cons book.

After all, it's due back to the library...

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  1. I have to say, the best part about this is that it makes it possible for me to be reading 12 books at one time! Without it, I'd forget where I was and what the book was talking about and I'd be perpetually re-reading the same chapter!