Friday, January 09, 2009

Lordsburg, it isn't.

I made some red chile salsa. It's pretty good, I guess. But it doesn't compare to what we had in Lordsburg. I did the full thing - started with dried chiles, toasted them, soaked them, then ran them through the blender. I added dried oregano per the waitress' information, and the green onions I could see were in the original salsa, but then I was on my own. I put in two cloves of roasted garlic, two fresh jalapenos fromt the garden (seeds included), cumin and salt. It was too much red chile - no balance. So, I added some tomato paste and one small roma tomato. The texture is good. It's nice and spicy, but it's still missing something...
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  1. Maybe you can write a VERY flattering letter to the cooks in Lordsberg and get an actual recipe from them!?!?