Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer Bingo

After reading the great ideas I referenced in my last post, I thought I'd try a version of Summer Bingo. I made this a better fit for us by changing the activities to all things Zack can do on his own. That developed as I was writing it, so I think I need to fine-tune a little, but it's just printed out on printer paper and clipped onto a clipboard we already had. My thinking is that whenever Zack is stalking around wishing he had someone to play with or wondering what to do next, I'll tell him to go do something from his Bingo card. I think I'll get out a littl star stamp (or even just draw a star with marker) for each item he does. I am thinking we'lll get a new card each week or whenever we fill one up.

What about the Bingo prizes? I haven't decided yet. Maybe for every bingo he can do a fun game or activity with mom?


  1. I'll have to remember this when Peter Ambrose is a little older. Great idea!