Saturday, May 29, 2010

Thinking about Summer

The summer feels like it is stretching long ahead of us.  I am vaguely remembering that I was stressed about "what are we going to DO?" last year and then summer was over before I could even blink.  So, maybe I should be more intent on making the most of the time instead of just making it through.  Not sure if I can manage that, but a person can try, right?

Stacy Julian has some fun ideas:
   Summer Bingo - a bingo card with ideas of good stuff to do each day - points for accomplishing valuable things plus somewhere to direct them when we hear "what can I do, mom?"
   The Ticket to Summer - a list of ways to earn a ticket and ways to redeem your tickets, like special playtimes with friends, sleepovers, staying up late ... plus they translate to bonus money for school shopping.
  Summer Fun Clipboards - a big family board with handwritten squares of "big" fun things they want to do over the summer (jumpy place, water park, family reunion) and little clipboards with a daily list for each kid before they can play or go anywhere.

These are clearly written for older kids (she has 5 - the oldest is 17 and youngest is 4 - I think), but there is a lot that could work for us, especially for Zack at 5.

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