Thursday, June 17, 2010

Big 'un

This boy is really growing. His sentence structure just changed overnight. He is so proud of doing things "self".

This was a silly, silly game - something like the summer fun version of a greased pig contest. The watermelons were coated in Vaseline and the kids took turns trying to pick them up and getting splashed when they fell back into the water. Sammy got ahold of the teensy personal watermelon, smaller than a cantaloupe, and wouldn't give it up. While the other kids were trying for the large ones, he put down the teensy one and picked it right back up again (lest anyone else get a try at it). Each success brought a big grin and an electric sparkle to his eyes. It never got old to him. I love that.

I tried and tried to get a picture of the magic moment. I wanted to capture those spark-filled eyes. Darn shutter lag.

That little apron was supposed to keep them dry (I guess).  Given that the front pockets are filling with water, can you guess how dry he stayed?  At least it kept him from being soaked through with Vaseline!