Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I worked a wedding this weekend. There were two giant, beautiful arrangements for the stage that weren't being moved to the reception. The florist was so kind in wanting them to be used for church services the next morning.  We tried, but the way the containers were structured, it just wouldn't work. One fell while we were trying so after cleaning that up I was unwilling to risk a fall overnight while no one was there to clean up. And so, after learning they would just be thrown away if I didn't, I brought one home. I had to put the container down in a small (clean) trash can and move the seats in my car just to get it here! Then I took the flowers out of the oasis and tried to make an arrangement. Even without the lilies (just can't take the lily scent) there were too many for my largest vase! I ended up making TWO arrangement and I've been enjoying them so much. I realized no one else has been here to see them so I'm sharing them with you instead (pardon the flash photos)!


  1. They're so big they make Sammy look small! very pretty! (BTW, flash photos don't bother me!)

  2. I am with you about lilys. They are beautiful flowers, but the scent can give me a major headache.

  3. Gorgeous! How did I not see these yesterday?

  4. Julie - yeah, and Sammy's not that tiny anymore either! hee.

    AP - I felt bad wasting them but after being in the house with them for a couple of hours I didn't feel so bad about it anymore!

    Cheryl - They were here, you probably couldn't see them for the piles of toys ;)

    Heather, thanks! And Happy 6 mo :)