Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stroller Tote

I'm quite pleased (and a little relieved) to be telling you about this Stroller Tote. I started it in Tucson and, despite having only one small step left to do at home, I wasn't sure I was going to follow through and finish it. But I did finish and here it is!

I wanted a reusable shopping bag (and book bag and whatever bag) that I could clip to my stroller. All my reusable bags have narrow tops that won't hang on my stroller. This one is not only shaped correctly with a wide opening, but has a clip on each side that attaches over the handle. There is also a shoulder strap for carrying it normally. There is a little pocket inside, made out one of the corners that were snipped off when we created the box-bottom shape.

The fabrics are two coordinating prints in upholstery weight cotton. It's pretty sturdy stuff with a canvas type feel. My mom frequents a discount fabric place that has such fabrics for $3 - 6 per yard. We found these and really loved them; at $6/yard they were a really good buy. The clips are made out of some repurposed clips from baby's overalls. I discovered that you can reuse the clips and adjusting rings, but not the buttons, so I bought new buttons.

The design was based on my measurements for what I wanted to end up with. Mom and I came up with the plan for making it a bit ahead of time and a bit as we went along. I've already been using it, despite just finishing the clips today, and it is very handy. It's large enough to hold a gallon of milk and a selection of other groceries, a big stack of library books, or plenty of fabric and supplies to start a few more projects I might not finish!

I'm toying with the idea of making more, which means I need to transfer the notes we made as we went to something I'll be able to decipher later (and do it now, before I forget what they mean). I'd be interested to know if others are wanting a bag this shape as much as I was!


  1. What a super project!! Very handy. Hurray for finished projects.

  2. Love it!! Great fabric, as well. I think you should do a tutorial! ;)


  3. Love this! I want one, and I don't even have a stroller!