Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Favorite: Sandwich and Snack Saks

Check out these awesome little reusable baggies! I found them at this shop just clicking around on Etsy (oh no, that's not a time sink...). I kept thinking I should try to make some, but (a) I didn't have all the supplies, (b) my un-done project list is way too long, and (c) the way these are made is beyond my present sewing skills. I finally just requested a custom set in greens and browns - my favorites! - and I'm so glad I did. They are working out really well.

I got one sandwich size and two snack size. They are cotton outside with a nylon lining inside and a full strip of velcro as a closure. The nylon is loose from the cotton so that it can be turned inside out and the velcro is sewn in very securely. There are several shops that sell this type of item, but I am really enjoying these!

I've been filling them with our little snack mix or crackers or sandwiches. When I use them for snack foods, I just shake out the crumbs and keep going. After a sandwhich, I either turn the nylon lining inside out and rinse it in the sink or run the whole thing through the washing mashine. In addition to being easy to use and reuse, I love that they are so easy for Zack to spot in our bag and close back up himself. And, really, seeing the fabrics makes me happy.


  1. I've had my eye on these from another shop as well! I keep thinking I'll save on ziploc bags & send them to school with Riley. But deep down I think I know that they'll never make it home if I do. I might have to order some after all, though. That fabric is adorable!


  2. I thought for sure you'd request something with a hedgehog on it- after all, hedgehogs are the new owls.

  3. Too cute! What a great idea. I'm gonna have to get me some of those :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Keri - good point, I hadn't thought about how different a real school lunchroom is from a preschool classroom! But yes, they are fun, and there are some cool guitar fabric ones!

    Julie - cracking up!

    Jennifer - ooh ooh, I'm jealous, you could get the pink ones :)

  5. Deanna, those snack bags are really cute!

    Just wanted to let you know how much I love the cards that I won that Julie made. They are just beautiful! Thanks for drawing my number! Cathy N

  6. Cathy, I'm so glad you like them!! That girl does good work :)