Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Gift Tag

A little re-purposing project today!

A couple of weeks ago I was at a lovely baby shower with stacks of little china plates (not all matching - just several sets stacked together!), pretty little footed glasses, and silver forks wrapped in little cloth napkins and tied with ribbons. This was not a little party, so being able to use all reusable items, and pretty ones at that, was quite a feat. The ribbons around the fork and napkins sets were so pretty. A wonderful lady, and blog reader, Ruth, handed me hers and said, "There! See if you can do something with that!". Who could resist such a fun little challenge?

This is a gift tag I made from the front and back of a greeting card I'd received. The insides were written on, but who could tell after I glued them together and rounded the corners? The fern motif was part of the original card. The words "To:" and "From:" were stamped on the back with a little silver flourish and the ribbon finished it off. In keeping with the party: little and pretty! Happy gifting, Ruth!

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