Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Guy Stuff

They are born this way, aren't they?

The very first time Sammy saw the four-wheeler, he wanted it. He automatically loved Grandad, and Grandad's truck, and Grandad's truck toolbox, and every other quintessentially guy thing around. There's no logical reason I know of that he was drawn to a rumbly engine and diamond plate. But it reminds me that Zack was the same way. Check out this shot of him and Grandad on the four-wheeler at the same age:

That look on his face is intensity, one of his specialties at the time. He was no less intense about "being the driver" of any truck, about any "machinery", and about Grandad himself.

When I pictured having children, I imagined having girls and tea parties and pink fluffy dresses. It never occurred to me that I would be having boys. Not having been around little boys, I really didn't know that the love of things boy wasn't society's influence. Now I know better - about boys' innate love of guy stuff and about my life as a mom of boys. My boys don't object to playing with a toy purse... briefly. But they loooove a toy truck. Or better yet, a real truck.

I may not have been expecting it, but I'm on board now.


  1. I still like to tell people how when you were a toddler you'd stand at the back door crying to go IN! Now you have boys who LOVE it outside and I think maybe you like it a little more too!

    You could always try again... I hear there are some timing techniques to up your chances for a girl. Third times a charm, you know!

  2. I'm fond of telling that as well - give people some perspective for what I'm up against being a mom of boys! That, and it tells them that if *I* can be a triathlete, they *certainly* can.

    Don't count on it. In fact, go ahead and count against it ;)