Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Sewing

'Member my whining about not being able to do any sewing? Well here's my solution - visit my mom! While we were in Tucson, I took along several projects for things I wanted to fix or learn to make. Here you see Mom helping me with a couple of clothing alterations - yay!

The non-clothing projects we did together, designing as we went. The first was a liner for a small basket that I wanted to use to hold fabric napkins. The liner that came in it was hideous. The colors were fine but it was made of this nasty synthetic stuff that unraveled more every time we looked at it, the strings sticking to everything in the room. It was snagging on the slightest rough spots on my hands (and sheesh, it's not like I'm a cowboy; my hands are not that rough!). So, we used Mom's fabric stash and made up a new one.

We started by measuring the old one and matching the measurements. The project has only seven pieces plus four tie strings. Once we had the plan, it went together very quickly with no tricky gotcha moments. I wrote down the plan and have ideas of making more for other baskets. And if I do, maybe I'll be able to find the time to make a tutorial. Can't you just see all the possibilities?

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  1. Ooooh, aaaah... I'm remembering mom's fabric stash and suddenly feeling very jealous... I recently relieved her about about half her button stash (which you can see appearing on some of my latest cards). I wonder what great cards I could make with mom's fabric stash....