Friday, February 27, 2009

The Zoo, blah blah blah

It feels like a day for sarcasm. But I'm uninspired. Sorry. I know people enjoy some sarcasm. I certainly do. But, everything I've got is more snarky than sarcastic. So, I'll just post about our birthday visit to the zoo. (These blooming branches are just prettiness from the zoo entrance to offset all the snarky thoughts I'm thinking.)

James took off work for Sammy's birthday and we went to the Austin zoo. I wasn't really enthused about this plan (after all, I wasn't exactly consulted when it was made). I had a really tight schedule for the week and this took a chunk of time I was planning on using to ignore the children and make myself crazy trying to get something done while they "played" (there, a teensy bit of sarcasm).

The trip turned out to be much more pleasant than that plan (and YES, it did put me behind).

The Austin Zoo is a rescue zoo. It isn't a big pretty zoo, but it's fun.

The Birthday Sammy rode with Daddy while Zack ran free. And climbed. There was a petting zoo with a feeding area and a separate petting area. Zack was too nervous to let the eager goats lick the food out of his hand, but he did tip the pieces onto the rail where they could reach them (my, goats, what long tongues you have!).

If you are thinking of going, I recommend it for a partial day activity. It was a really fun family time, very wholesome, educational, outdoorsy, animal-y, Austin-y and blah blah blah.

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