Monday, February 02, 2009


Our weekend turned out nothing like we'd hoped, but we did manage to have a nice time. For the last ten years we've been joining some friends in a reunion weekend each year at the time of the Super Bowl. The creators of the weekend are friends we met when James was finishing up college at UT and I had just moved to Austin to start a job. They are dear friends but our lives are just too busy and we end up not seeing them even when they pass back through Austin... and before we know it another year has gone by. The Superbowl weekend tradition creates a time when we get together with them even if we haven't managed it the rest of the year. They had been doing this a while when we started attending and their other friends who come have become our friends as well. You couldn't meet a kinder, more open group of people and we've come to value their friendships deeply over the years.

This year Zack got sick the day before we were to leave and we didn't get to go. We really hated to miss it, especially since it means we won't be likely to see any of that group for two years by the time we get together again. On the other hand, Sammy was sick earlier in the week and I have a nasty cough that I can't seem to shake, so staying home was probably smarter. The agenda was set years ago and includes lots of cooking, fun and 42 playing, but not a lot of sleep.

We holed up inside for the weekend, pretending that this reclaimed time meant there were no chores to do or projects to tackle. We read books, listened to music, watched a movie and finally watched the Superbowl. Zack has the makings of a real sports fan. He was a bit dissatisfied when no one was shouting at the television and had a hard time enjoying the fact of a good game based on the undesired outcome.

I was craving some party food, but not junk food. So we had Nacho Salads for dinner. We really enjoyed them! Even sicky Zack enjoyed his scaled down and separated on the plate version. Some of the lettuce was from the garden and the nacho cheese had all real cheese, no Velveeta, but was still creamy and flavorful - a triumph for real food (see future book reviews, if I ever finish the books, and this previous post).

Too bad there wasn't a triumph for Arizona in the evening as well!
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  1. Too bad you did not get to go, but I hope that the boys feel better. You are right - there could not be a nicer, more genuine group of people.

    We did not get to go, mainly due to both our work schedules. I guess we became a little spoiled when the get together was held in our area for the last two years. :-)

    Hope the boys feel better - Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Sheri! I know what you mean - the Austin location was really nice! It was good to see yall last weekend!

  3. how does one make nacho cheese with real cheese???