Friday, February 06, 2009

Back to Lordsburg

I tried again on the Lordsburg Salsa and it turned out much better. I can't decide if it's quite as good as the original, but it's good. This time I made it just like I would normally make salsa, with all the same ingredients, just with red chile added as well. The onion, lime and raw garlic (instead of roasted) were particular improvements over the first batch. My red chiles weren't spicy, so on the first batch I had added jalepeno, though I wasn't sure the flavor was a good match. This time I added another type of red chile for heat (both were labeled "bulk chile" at my HEB so I don't know what they were) and it's nice and spicy. No one else in this house will be interested in it, but I'm happy to eat every drop myself!

A follow up on the Swiss Chard. I made the posted recipe and it was very tasty. However, I always make the same mistake - I forget how much it cooks down! I started out with what I though was a nice amount, but in the end, we just got two bites each. So I'm looking forward to making it again: grow, garden, grow!
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