Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sammy-food Making Time

Any babyfood makers out there?

It's Sammy-food making time at my house. Sometimes I do a bit of it every couple days, but this is the operation if I do it all at once (start merry-go-round music audio and jerky fast film video):

Peel and cut carrots (or winter squash, or sweet potatoes) in half. Add water, cover and microwave several minutes until tender. Meanwhile, boil peas in one pot and green beans in another. Grind 1 cup of grains (I use 1/4c. scoop each of millet, quinoa, cracked wheat and oats) in a coffee grinder (one I don't use for coffee). Move cooked peas to the blender (a Vita-Mix, I love that thing!), with a few set aside for finger foods. Boil two cups of water in the now free pot and stir in grains. Simmer on low ten minutes. Meanwhile, mix half yogurt and half applesauce and portion out into bowls. Add cooked green beans to the Vita-Mix (a few set aside for finger foods) and puree with the peas. Mix green veggies with cooked cereal. Portion some into bowls and store the rest half in fridge and half in freezer. Puree carrots, mix with cereal, portion some into bowls and store half in fridge and half in freezer. Cut any soft fruits and veggies I have around into finger foods and portion into bowls. Voila! Baby food for a week and more in the freezer!

By the time I cook, puree, portion and store the food and clean up my two pots and one plate (and the Vita-Mix, but that doesn't count because the almost non-existent cleanup time is the best thing about that particular appliance) it takes me about an hour (or more if I'm reading blogs in between!).

I do like making Sammy's food. Sometimes it is a hassle, but it's something easy I can do to add more homemade to our lives. I like not thinking I have to have something industrially processed and prepackaged. I like being able to use organics for less money and cutting down on the packaging for the little baby portions. I DO buy baby food - I keep some bought food in our bag in case - I'm definitely not opposed to it. But this is something that fits into our lives right now and once I get a rhythm going, it goes pretty quickly. There are some cookbooks about this out there, so I'm not the only one! Anyone with tips to share?


  1. one thing you may not know--the carrots used to make commercial baby food carrots are lower in nitrates than the carrots you buy fresh, frozen or canned for adult/general use. Because nitrates can be harmful to babies, it is NOT recommended to make homemade carrot baby food.

    I made most of Charlie's and some of Melody's and it was just so easy.

  2. No, I didn't know that - thanks for the info!

  3. Found a lot of info here: