Monday, February 09, 2009


Austin is overdue some rain, so we were very glad to see it today. It's been overcast for a few days, teasing us with the idea of rain, but last night some water actually fell from the sky. More is promised in the next few days.

Since it was a rainy day my stir-crazy kids and my stir-crazy self had a little trouble getting our bearings today. We're all healthy after being sick too long and I'm finally able to step outside without being bowled over by the blast of cedar pollen. Getting out and about this weekend was so lovely. Being stuck inside today caused the great cranky monster to rear its ugly head. You think I'm talking about the kids? Um, yeah. Let's go with that.

So, instead we went to the gym for yoga. Zack and Sammy got to play in a big padded room and I got a little peace and stretching. Good all around. And now I'm in the mood to scrapbook, so my post on a recently finished (!) book will have to wait until tomorrow.

More rain, please!


  1. how about a post on your scrapbook?

  2. Oh, you're in Austin! One of my most favorite cities ever. (We lived in Bryan for two years while my husband was in grad school @ A&M). Enjoy the rain!

    AND, I bought some swiss chard at the store to give your recipe a try!! Thanks again.