Monday, February 16, 2009

The Valentine's Bunny

Zack decided that if he put his boots out, Valentine's presents would appear in them. He has put boots out for stockings at Christmas before, so I guess it made sense to him. He talked about setting out his boots for presents the day before: "And it will be pink stuff and hearts because pink and hearts are for Valentine's Day. And CANDY." We brushed this off, not planning to fill his boots with candy.

Early Saturday morning he came into our room while we were sleeping and asked if he could get our boots; we groggily agreed. He came back to say everything was ready! We dragged ourselves out of bed to find our boots where the Christmas tree lived such a short time ago. Zack had taken all his school Valentines and mailed cards and spread them out in our boots. We re-opened them in turn, but in the end it was clear he was still keeping all of them!

Good thing Sammy had his own mail to eat.

We all dressed in red and went to a Valentine's brunch hosted by two couples from our church. We were so matchy and cute that I thought we should get some pictures... but the second we got home Zack was intent on going geocaching with his daddy so he abruptly changed clothes and I only got a red picture of Sammy and I. Apparently, this is the appropriate attire for geocaching:
Note that he is wearing camo boots, camo pants, a camo shirt, a camo stocking cap AND a camo hat on top of that. Too bad he forgot his camo socks.

We did have a fun family Valentine's dinner - barbeque chicken pizza, on which Zack individually place each piece of cheese, and these strawberry parfaits (the ice cream is just strawberries, milk and sugar, made fresh in my most beloved kitchen appliance, the Vita-Mix). Zack approved and Sammy got to eat the strawberries. It was his introduction to berries and he was crazy about them. He laughed out loud and ran his ankles around in frantic delighted circles!

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  1. That is so precious. I laughed out loud reading this. Thanks for sharing this story.
    So what did they find on their geocach trip? Has James posted this?