Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"This is the BEST dinner!"

said Zack.

And guess where this superior dinner occurred? That's right: IHOP.
Not fine food, you say? Well, you have a good point. There was no beef bourguignon (but then, there's usually none of that at my house either). And who can argue with a dinner in which both children are happy, eat all their food, and get free dinners? Yep, IHOP has Kids Eat Free all month. It's right by James' office and it's a pretty strong crowd pleaser.

But the BEST dinner? The BEST? Really? Please, don't hurt hurt me that way.


  1. I tried to tell B we should go, but he's trying to boycott IHOP due to some of their political leanings... :(

  2. I'm sure Z only said that because he was eating cake smothered in sugar.