Monday, April 19, 2010

A Good Gift

See how I'm taking a picture even though my battery is charging?

My husband's brother got me a surprise gift for Christmas this past year: an extra camera battery. I say "surprise" because we usually try to make a few notes of things we're wishing for or could use and share them before the holiday. It's a bit awkward to hand out a list of desired gifts, but I think it's better than having no place to start when I'm trying to pick out a gift for a loved one during the press of the holiday season. This was something I hadn't ever thought of but my brother-in-law went out on a limb thinking I would really enjoy it. Boy, was he right! (Except, I guess he knew I would enjoy it because I often ran my battery out of juice and borrowed his battery... so I guess it wasn't much of a limb, huh?)

I've now gotten into a good routine of keeping the spare battery charged and with me, just like I always try to keep my camera with me. Now that my routine is working for me, I'm really loving it. I no longer get that disappointed feeling when the low battery light starts flashing three minutes into an event. I don't have to turn the flash off just to conserve battery (although I'd rather have the flash off, sometimes it doesn't work very well that way). I have the spare battery right here and and I can switch and keep going. I love being able to capture those moments that I would have missed.

This is a really good gift!


  1. Hi Deanna! I'm so glad it's working out well.

    You know... I had a selfish motive... you take some great shots, and I didn't want to miss 'em myself!

  2. OR, you could have said no :)