Monday, October 04, 2010


I've been checking out the new (to me) world of Discovery Toys. My sister is a new rep for them so we've been talking about the products. I remember this company as the one who made the Tangrams I loved when I was a kid.  I'm not normally one to be into a lot of toys but I've been impressed with the combination of simple + educational + fun. 

We have a little friend turning three.  He loves boats so I had a a boat puzzle picked out, but it turned out to be a little old for him.  I instead got him one of Julie's recommendations, the Giant Pegboard. She says her three year old loves it. I got it, but I wasn't really sure what the point was. There are 25 pegs in five colors and five shapes. They go in the pegs or stack in each other. I got it out of the box just to see what one would do with it. I didn't want to give something that was too young for him or that I didn't know how to play with.

My kids really loved this thing. I sent Sammy to check it out and he was thrilled with it. The pegs are plenty big for his chubby fingers but require enough dexterity to be challenging. I sent Zack to check it out and twenty minutes later he was still proudly making patterns based on the shapes and colors.  I think it's pretty good if my six and two year old enjoy it!  I sat down with Sammy and felt like we were really having fun, educational play. I was pretty pleased by the time we took it to the birthday party. I felt compelled to warn the parents that it didn't look like there was much point but it had performed really well with the kiddos. A few hours later my friend sent me this picture:
Almost-eight year old sister is sitting and playing with it too! Fun stuff.  We're doing a few more of these toys as gifts and for our own kids, so I'll keep reporting back on what we think!


  1. Yay!! It is so, so interesting what the kids like! btw- I loooooove that Sammy's wearing his cowboy hat!!

  2. Yeah, got to love the Hawaiian shirt + cowboy hat!!